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Share your android app with iOS users and run successful bug bashes

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Share your work instantly

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Send a link to your colleagues so they can instantly check out the feature you are working on, or confirm a bug is fixed.

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Product Managers & Designers

See the work that's being done as it happens: no need to wait for the nightly build or borrow an Android phone to check out the new features.


Debugging options

See and filter the error logs for easy debugging.


Share a link to your app, share control of the same device or leave comments to work asynchronously.

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iPhone support

The same blazingly fast experience for sharing your favorite iPhone apps.

Connect your CI

Generate a link to your app automatically for every Pull Request.

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Redlining, measuring spacing, color picker, and more to easily give feedback on the design.

Enterprise features

SSO, granular permissions, user management, and on-prem option.

Don't wait for a deploy to share your app

Create a Wolfia link and share your app right away.

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